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Dani’s Playground

Rejoice your soul, indulge your senses!

Children’s Activities

At Dani’s Playground children and teenagers will find a wide range of interesting activities.


You will enjoy a day full of bonding activities so each family member, can enjoy every minute.


Spend a relaxing day and connect to nature while enjoying a variety of bonding activities.

Meet the

Animals are not only fun, but according to recent studies, they help teach young children social skills.

Such an authentic experience on a trip back to nature with all-natural handmade recycled materials

Listen to the birds sing to the music of the wind. Feast your eyes on the olive and berry trees embracing the surroundings with different shades of green. Smell the fresh breeze carrying the scents of flowers and grass. Feel the earth and the sand.

danis playground


Learn the dirt biking techniques with the leading instructor Konstantinos Danias

School Trips

Summer School

Dont’ hesitate to call us and ask about our facilities and prices. We are looking forward to meeting you!